Ampersand Ave Between you and I

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These double hoodies are the newest rage!! They truly have 2 hoods in two separate fabrics. One to keep you warm and one to be oh so “cool.” They also have a diagonal zipper detail that adds some charm along with thumb holes on the sleeves! Who doesn’t love thumb holes!?!?!

Between you and I style comes with a teal bodice and floral sleeves...PERFECT TRANSITION FOR SPRING!

About this hoodie: This hoodie has stretch, fits long and slim, if you prefer a overall looser fit we suggest ordering a size up! This material for the body is a medium weight and the sleeve fabric is a slightly lighter thickness.

I would definitely size up if you want a looser fit!

Fabric content: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane



L= 10/12

XL= 14/16


    Fabric content: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane